Welcome to Apanemi

A home feeling studio of alternative therapies

Welcome to Apanemi

Apanemi derives from the greek word "apanemo" which means protected from wind.

Thus, it’s a shelter. A home feeling studio of alternative therapies, massage and yoga techniqes, to nurture the body, mind and soul, also to regain a full and deep breath. Soothe the aches and pains and calm the mind’s inner frustration.

We believe that the key for a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life is the connection to our body, our breath, our mind, our heart and our spirit.

A small mindful practice each day, a healing massage, the right nutrition and physical exercise can do miracles, even for persistin issues.

The majority of us suffer from psychosomatic ailments. The term itself indicates the deep connection of the "soma" (body) and the "psyche" (soul).

We seem to have forgotten how to properly breathe, deeply relax and connect with our mind, ourselves and others.

How to simply be...

Here in Apanemi, with a lot of experience, dedication and love for the healing arts and the human existence, we’ll assist you on your personal journey to wellbeing, happiness and joy.

With every appointment, we shall provide you with a safe and comfortable place for you to express your needs and inhibitions.

You will be offered individual care in a place that was carefully designed with Healing Architecture for an optimum vibration of healing and harmony.

Our greatest joy will be seeing you making the step to a more happy and meaningful life, leaving behind what no longer serves you and embody the best version of you.

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You will be offered individual care in a place that was carefully designed with "Healing Architecture"