Massages & Curative Oils

Essential oils are the most potent and precious part of a plant

Massages & Curative Oils

From the most early times to the present day, Nature provides us everything we need not only for our existence but for an overall health as well.

An almost unlimited variety of herbs, trees, mushrooms, flowers, roots, resins and more, is available to every living creature for cure and survival.

Thanks to healers, doctors, chemists and alchemists before us, we ‘ve learned –and still are- the healing properties and how to make the best uses of these treasures.  

Botanical extracts, tinctures, pomades, oils, essences, herbal wines, perfumes, the variety is large and as well the combinations.

Essential oils are the most potent and precious part of a plant. We could call it the ‘’soul’’, or ‘’the life force’’ of the plant. They content the most active physiological properties and the use of them is called Aromatherapy.  

Essential oils as we smell them, through the olfactory nerve they connect immediately to the brain. And because of that direct connection, they can cause dramatic changes in they way we feel.

Penetrating the skin, they can reach the blood circulation within two hours and we can enjoy all the benefits.

There are many ways of applying these essential oils.. We can make a bath with them, inhale them, make hot or cold compresses, diffuse them in a room, massage ourselves, put a drop behind our ears, on our wrists, on our heart, in our food, really the ways are countless!   

Yet from all the ways, the most effective pathway for an essential oil to the human body is through skin and smell. That’s why the massage is considered the most efficient and pleasurable form of aromatherapy.

Here in Apanemi we tend to use pure organic oils of best quality and same goes for the herbal carrier oils we use for their dilution.

Both they are carefully selected upon your constitution as taught by ayurveda and the needs that you’ll express at the small interview before your treatment.


During pregnancy the majority of essential oils  are forbidden but many are allowed after the 4th month.

Don’t hesitate to book your treatment and consult us for the use of aromatherapy during pregnancy, labour  and postpartum care

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