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A few words about us

My name is Foteini Zafeiriou and I wish to become what my name says.

A luminous sapphire.

Since childhood, my natural inclination was the human body and the physical exercise. Everything that involved body was good enough for me.

I started doing sports and practically tried a dozen of them.

When I discovered classical ballet, I thought I found the meaning of life. Fascinated is the least I can say I felt for this encounter. I devoted myself passionately and a new world emerged for me.

This new world along with joy and triumphs had a good share of pain and sorrow.

Sometimes it was a battle sometimes it was a party. Like life in general you’ll say, but  think about it in concentrated doses.

Looking back today I feel grateful for every part of that journey, for every companion and every teacher i met.

The alternative natural therapies entered at the fading of this world, seemingly by accident but really on time. Exept of physiology and anatomy, they introduced me to worlds I thought I was not familiar. Worlds where the word ‘’chi’’, energy, was the dominant principle. Reiki, Aikido, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Yoga, Thai Massage  and the vast field called Meditation.

And then was revelation..

Knowing thyself it’s a never ending journey which doesn’t seize to teach me every day about health and happiness, inner strength, body mind balance and wellbeing.

For sure one thing I know is that I know nothing, but I certainly acknowledge that we can’t live in peace with ourselves and others if we cut ourselves off from the magic of life. We need to nurture the channels that enable us to reconnect with our true nature: that of a being of pure energy with a benevolent heart.

That’s our origin and our destination. The time in between is our journey.

And I’m deeply grateful for letting me accompany you


With Love,
Foteini Zafeiriou

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