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Apanemi derives from the greek word "apanemo" which means protected from wind.
A home feeling studio of alternative therapies, massage and yoga techniqes, to nurture the body and mind, restore balance and harmony and help you regain a full deep breath.

Learn how to connect,
soothe the aches and pains and calm the mind’s inner frustration.


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Massage in Schools

massage in school home

The "Massage In Schools Program" (MISP), is a peer massage program for children which has been developed as an inclusive whole school strategy for reducing children’s stress levels, aggression and bullying.

Our Services

From the most early times to the present day, Nature provides us everything we need not only for our existence but for an overall health as well.


A slow, soft and rhythmic massage to "shut down" and totally relax.

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Holistic massage

A deep full body massage that uses a variety of healing techniques to achieve the best result for the person.

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Lymphatic drainage

Boosts the immunity while helping the organism to flush out more effectively the waste products.

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Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage

A full body unique experience which involves head massage, long strokes, mobilization and stretches.

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Thai massage

Soothening muscle tensions, releasing toxic thoughts, relaxing deeply, observing the body mind and connecting with a higher sense of self.

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A valuable therapeutic technique which enhances the self healing ability of the human body and has profound results that last.

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Gua Sha Facial

The ideal choice for sagginess of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes, double chin, dark circles, facial tension and to promote an even tone to the skin.

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Secret Wellness Yoga

If we consider our body mind as our house, Yoga is the light of awareness we set within.

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About Us

Connect to your body, breath, heart & spirit

We believe that the key for a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life is the connection to our body mind, heart, spirit.

A small mindful practice each day, a healing massage, the right nutrition and physical exercise can do miracles.

With every appointment, we shall provide you with a safe and comfortable space for you to express your needs and inhibitions.

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You will be offered individual care in a place that was carefully designed with "Healing Architecture"